Arranging a funeral

When it comes to arranging a funeral, there really is no right or wrong way to go about it. That's why we let you know all the options and provide a simple itemised breakdown of the cost, allowing you to choose exactly what you want without any hassle or pressure.
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Arranging a funeral with Tyde

If you need to arrange a funeral for someone, you can use the ‘Arrange Now’ section on our website to see what options are available, make your choices and create a send-off that feels right for everyone.

When you arrange a funeral with us, you’ll see itemised pricing for each part of the service to help you keep within your budget and ensure you’re not paying for things you don’t want or need. As we don’t mark up any items such as coffins, flowers and urns, you can save up to £3,000 compared with the average funeral cost.

Our simple booking process will guide you through the following choices when arranging a funeral with us:

Attended Service or Direct Cremation

Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether or not you’d like a funeral service at the crematorium.

An Attended Service is more of a traditional choice and you’ll be able to tailor the day to make sure it’s a fitting send-off for your loved one.

A Direct Cremation is a cremation without an attended service at the crematorium. This means you’ll be able to arrange a separate gathering in any location or setting you like, usually to celebrate the life of your loved one and scatter their ashes. You can find some great examples of the sort of thing you could do here.


If you opt for an attended service, you’ll be able to be able to search for your preferred crematorium location using our Arrange Now section.

You’ll be able to see how pricing differs by location and also depending on which day of the week you’d like to have the service.

Most locations offer very similar facilities but things to look out for are: Guest Capacity (if you’re expecting a big turnout) and Online Streaming availability.

Type of Coffin

There are no rules when it comes to choosing a coffin – you don’t need to opt for a particular style or pay a certain amount of money.

We’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from, all with clear pricing to make sure you’re keeping within your budget. The prices displayed are the same prices we pay for the coffins, so you never have to worry about overpaying.

Choosing Flowers

If you decide to add flowers to your arrangement, these will be displayed in the hearse on the way to the funeral service.

When you arrange on Tyde, you can view all of our flower options and simply add the ones you like. If you’re not sure, we have a ‘Tyde Selection’ option which includes an array of our best-selling flowers.

All pricing is visible before you make your choices, and we don’t put a mark-up on any flowers – the price you pay is the same we pay for them.

Transport to the Funeral

You can make your way to the funeral service in any way you like. Some families like to travel together in a limousine which follows the hearse, but you can also make your own way there.

When arranging your funeral with Tyde, you can tailor this option to whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Creating the Order of Service

The Order of Service is a booklet given to those attending the funeral to let them know what will happen during the ceremony. It will usually contain a schedule for the day, readings, songs and photos but you can decide exactly what goes into it. We’ll work with you to put this together and create a send-off that feels right for everyone.

Publishing Details of the Funeral

Once you’ve made all your arrangements with us, we’ll confirm the exact time and date of the service which you can then share with friends and family. The easiest way to do this is to create a Tyde Page online. Here, you can publish details of the funeral and/or wake such as time, date, location, dress code and then share a link to the page via email, text or social media.

Receiving Donations

When a loved one passes away, you may find that lots of people would like to offer their support or even make a financial contribution.

Through your Tyde Page, you can choose to receive donations which you can put towards some of the funeral costs or give to charity. Simply tick a box to accept donations and include a brief description so your friends and family know why you’re raising money.

Collecting the Ashes

After the cremation, we’ll let you know as soon as the ashes are ready to be delivered to you. Once you receive the ashes, you can display or scatter them anywhere you wish.

If you’ve chosen a Direct Cremation for your loved one, many families take this opportunity to organise a personal memorial service to say farewell in their own way.

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